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Gardening help needed!

Hi I'm looking for a gardening enthusiast who can help me maintain my lovely little garden. Someone »

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

Dear Sir or Madam,I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch. I work as a Researcher for the Channel »

Home security in Hackney

Hello, I'm the owner of Hackney Locksmith - we offer professional and prompt emergency locksmit »

Handyman recommendation?

I'm having a deeply-intensive building survey done next Thursday and I need to hire someone who will »

Damp proofing

I've got a problem with damp in my walls and probably need a new damp proof course installed. Any id »

Save A Life BABY & CHILD FIRST AID course: Thurs 27 June, 12 noon -2pm.


‘We Have Ways of Making You Laugh’ Film Course at Hackney Picturehouse- new start date 18 June!

We're delighted to announce we have a new film course at Hackney Picturehouse starting on Tuesday 18 »

Dalston Flower Show 18th May – 9th June

The Dalston Flower Show is back at the Dalston Eastern Curve for the  »

Are there any decent estate agents around?

Not exactly the right group to post this in, but semi related. I'm wanting to sell my flat and so fa »

window cleaner

Hi, can anyone you recommend a good local residential window cleaner? Tried to find out if we've alr »

Builders / house repairs / odd jobs – recommendations required

Can anyone recommend a good (reliable, reasonably priced, friendly) builder / repair man for general »

WANTED: gardener for a little bit of landscaping

Can anyone recommend a local gardener for a little bit of landscaping? Thanks. »

Skyway allotment project at Hoxton station

The charity skyway are running an allotment project for local young people, culminating in a stall s »

Fitting wooden floor

Hello I am looking to source and find someone to fit a wooden floor. Can anyone recommend  »

The Dalston Flower Show May 2012

As part of the »

Good plumber needed to plumb in our coffee machine..

Hello all, I bought this lovely coffee machine the other week and I'm keen to open up and start serv »

Local Handyman?

Hello, can anyone recommend a reliable local handyman for minor DIY jobs please?! »

Looking for a Builder

Looking for a good reliable builder »

decoratign and home improvements

Does anyone have contacts for decent tilers, painters and decorators etc around Dalston? Taking too »

Good Cleaner wanted

Hello,Can anyone recommend a good cleaner in/around E5? Looking to pay £12 p/hour for two hours »

Local tiler?

Hi, I am looking for someone to tile my kitchen wall - does anyone have any recommendations? Should »

New Boiler required!!

Hi - Does anyone have the recent good experience of having their boiler replaced by a good local plu »

Ply wood for flooring

I'm looking for plywood locally, preferably somewhere that can cut to size so it can be varnished up »

Can anyone recommend a local builder?

Dear Fellow Hackneyites,I am looking for a good, reliable and local builder to do some r »

Learn more about Homerton Station’s wildflowers onTuesday 5th July

Would you like to be able to recognise the different wildflowers planted by Friends of Homerton Stat »

Local cabinet maker/carpenter & handyman: www.karlrees.co.uk

Hi all,Just joined the Home Improvements forum and as a local tradesman I thought I'd leave my »

Vertical Veg Growing Course

Hi everyone. I thought you green fingered types might be interested in this course. It's a great opp »

Pick up free tomato plants on Friday 20th May

Capital Growth in partnership with B&Q will be giving away 100,000 free tomato plants in Trafalgar S »

Tomato tips from the Master Gardener programme

Lots of people will be trying to grow tomatoes for the first time this year and there's a very usefu »

Master Gardener: local advice and support for ‘growing your own’

Hi. I'm a volunteer Master Gardener fully trained and supported by Garden Organic, the UK's leading »

Wildflowers month by month – poppies at Homerton Station (May 2011)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/friendsofhomertonstation/5691672758/in/photostream »

Wilton Orchard

I like this - 9 apple saplings on the corner of Forest Road and Greenwood Road. It's already very le »

Handy Person

Looking for someone who can fix the handle on upvc window - can anyone recommend someone please? »

Plasterer & Bathroom fitter

I need both a plasterer and a bathroom-fitter... a good one who can do everything from carpentry to »

Wildflowers month by month – greater stitchwort at Homerton Station (Apr 2011)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/friendsofhomertonstation/5659598136/in/photostream »

What type of tree is this?

I'm trying to find out what species of tree this is, before I cut it down. If anyone wants a tree?! »

Robin Hood Community Gardens


Royal Weeding

I came across this guerilla gardening event online during the week. As I might be looking for someth »

Growing Sundays

a message from @laughands »

Cabinet maker / Joiner in Hackney

Hi,Does anyone know any talented cabinet makers in Hackney. Have a couple of projects and it feels l »