History of Hackney

Clarence Cinema

Whilst looking through the history of Brookes for »

Photos from Hackney’s History: Shop Fronts

Ken Jacobs has kindly shared a few more historical photos of Hackney from his collection, this time the focus is on a couple of old shop fronts in the area (a favourite subject of mine). I had added a few more favourite shots of classic shop fronts from the past that I have in my collection. I’d love to build this set, so if you have more you would like to add please let me know First up is ... »

Centerprise Bookshop history and early book list

Found this history of Centerprise by Ken Worpole it's a bit long winded, but the history at the star »


How many of you folks out there remember Spokes shops in Lower Clapton Road opposite the churchyard? »

Hackney History magazine

Hackney History is an A4 magazine style annual publication by The Friends of Hackne »

The Hackney & Leyton Sunday Football League

Hackney and Leyton Sunday Football League was formed in 1947 after the Second World War had ended. Football was a popular amateur sport and the Sunday League was created to mimic the Leagues of the professional game.  The Hackney and Leyton League became synonymous with Hackney Marshes where there were over a hundred football pitches. Other sites used were Mabley Green and Millfields.  The pitches... »

Under The Cranes – FILM 19th July 5.45pm Hackney Museum

FILM SHOWING on Tuesday 19 July 2011, 6.15pm (refreshments from 5.45pm)Using the script of poe »

Photo’s from Hackney’s History: 1920s/30s

A while ago we published an interview with Ken Jacobs a former Hackney postie, where he talked about finding some glass negatives being thrown out in Chatsworth Road during his walk one day. Ken kindly scanned in some of those fantastic negatives and has passed them onto yeah! Hackney to share with all of you. The photos were taken by a Mr Ellis in the late 1920’s / early 30’s, the des... »

Marie Lloyd – Queen of the Music Halls

Marie Lloyd was born in Hoxton in 1870, she is aid to have made her debut in a music hall where the »

Catching up with Ken Jacobs; The Peoples Autobiography of Hackney

This post comes from Traxcitement and ewebber In 1977 a group of Hackney locals interested in history came together under the collective name of ‘A peoples autobiography of Hackney’ to produce two books about working class jobs in Hackney. The books called ‘Working Lives’ Vol. 1 & 2′ were published by Centerprise and featured a mixture of employees, business owners and self-employed peop... »

Broadway Market 1906 vs 2011

I know this topic should probably be in Hackney History or Photographs, hopefully this can strike so »

Hackney History project

I have an idea for a project brewing about Hackney history and community and am looking for people t »

Dalston Bunker PLC Tour 10th – 15th May (various times)

INSTALLATION in Dalston 10-15 May 2011Blending sci-fi and climate change themes, th »

Hackney: Modern, Restored, Forgotten, Ignored

This From: http://eastlondonlocal.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/sight-of-eternal-life-church-shrubland-ro »

Sarcophagus from 1814


The Empire | London Last Days. The Interviews

http://vimeo.com/22019964Susie McKenna, creative director of the Hackney Empire, unveils the his »

Working Lives Vol. Two: Hackney 1945 – 77

This is a great little book produced by Centerprise, written by 'A People's Autobiography of Hackney »

Sutton House

An nice post from East London Local about Sutton House http://eastlondonlocal.wordpress.com/2011/04/ »

The Albion Road Electric Cinema

Great name! Another Hackney Cinema that closed a long time ago, well tucked away. Apparently the bui »

Dudleys Department Store

I've been trying to find out about Dudleys Department Store (built, opened, closed etc) in Kingsland »

The Radical History of Hackney: Blog


Drinking fountain in Homerton

I spotted this just to the right of Homerton library, doe anyone know anything about it? »

Broad Street Line

Whilst researching the old Broad Street line (now part of the East London Line) for a photography bo »

Local Local History

Here's a nice little website on the history of Stoke Newington:http://www.locallocalhistory.co.uk/ »

Marie Lloyd


Books on Hackney’s Buildings & Architecture.

Anyone interested in books on Hackney's buildings and architecture should check out 'Hackney - Moder »

Rio Cinema, Dalston

This is of course still here, but this is what it used to look like in 1984: »

Coliseum Cinema, Stoke Newington

Another Stoke Newington cinema, this one closed in 1972This photos is from 1983: »

Majestic / Vogue Cinema Stoke Newington


ABC Cinema Clapton AKA The Ritz

This stood on Lower Clapton Road from 1939 - 1973. I think it's between the church and Labamba Fashi »

Apollo Cinema Stoke Newington

Seems like you couldn't move in Stoke Newington for bumping into a cinema, this one is now a mosqueL »

Hackney Pavilion Cinema


Hackney Picture Palace

According to Ken Roe here: http://cinematreasures.org/theater/29919/ where JD sports now lives there »

Empress / Essoldo Cinema Mare Street

This amazing building is no longer aside from an arch - more on it's history here http://cinematreas »

Hackney History: Cinemas

There are a few discussion topics on cinemas from Hackney's past, so I thought I'd list them in an p »

Odean Cinema, Dalston

Does anyone know where this cinema was? »

ABC Cinema Stoke Newington

Some stunning photos of the ABC on Kingsland Road, Stoke Newington from »


This supercool new history project is from »

Gaumont Cinema > Four Aces Club > Labyrinth

This venue has been a few things over the years ....and now it's a tube station/flatsI thought I'd a »

Sell off

Does anybody on here have a list of all the properties sold off in about 2001/02? More specifically »