Food & drink

What are people’s favourite cafes in Hackney and why?

By cafes I mean egg, beans and chips so no chiabatta and probably no lattes. And if breakfast is mor »

Late Night Bites

Here's something good to build up a knowledge stash of:Where are the places to eat after a dinner of »

Places for veggies to eat

Where are the best places for veggies or vegans to eat in Hackney, with or without their non-veggie »

Best Brunch in and around Hackney

What are your favourite places to Brunch around Hackney?I'll start with where the group photo came f »

Hackney Supper Clubs

They are springing up everywhere! So where have you been and where do you want to go or do you just »

Shackelwell Nights: Hidden Dining In Dalston

Thanks to the power of twitter, Alex and I were fortunate enough to get some tickets to Shacklewell Nights opening night. The night/place/event/secret-supper-club/pop-up-restaurant/hidden-dining-experience is essentially a great use of an empty space to get lots of people together and cook for them. It’s a project from Claire Roberson of Green Onions Supper Club and Jonathan Woolway of St Johns Re... »