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@ewebber thanks again! This »

Foodie Film Screening in Dalston

Sunday April 3rd, 19:00, »

Poachers Pocket pop-up restaurant


Best fish pie accompaniments???

I am having a dinner party next tuesday, and I am doing an amazing fish pie. The pie mix already ha »

Hackney bakery

Anyone just watch Michael Roux on BBC two? He Interviewed a baker called Ben who made the most amazi »

The Love Shake – Cafe

Has anyone been to the Love Shake yet? \The Love shake cafe is a small 35 capacity Cafe and Inte »

Shacklewell Nights hidden dining new dates for March

From Nights, in partnership »

Pancake Family Fun Day @ Gillett Square

There is a pancake family fun day at Gillett Sq in Dalston todayLots of pancake related activities 1 »

Healthy Stuff (new cafe)

I spotted this place had popped up on Dalston Lane (excuse the terrible photo) »



Next Veganpeasant Secret Dinner – March 26th 2011

@veganpeasant's next e »

Veggie delivery

Has anyone used this before - local store (Spa) doesn't sell lose vege »

Making vegetable stock from vegetable waste

Check out this post over here for some tips on using vegetable offcuts to make stock http://www.yeah »

Making Vegetable stock from scraps

I've been having a look around at making stock from all the vegetable waste I just stick in the bin »

FARM:shop café opening soon

We're working flat-out to open the café very soon, and are still looking for a few items. Can you he »

Cooks supplies and kitchen equipment

This request came from @janice »

Vegan Peasant Supper Club

The next Vegan Peasant supper club is on 11th and 12th Feb, it’s really good food and well worth a v »

Vegan Peasant Supper Club

The next Vegan Peasant supper club is on 11th and 12th Feb, it's really good food and well worth a v »

Vegan Peasant Supper Club

In December I was lucky enough to get a place at a new(ish) Hackney supper club with a vegan theme, Vegan Peasant.I first found out about Vegan Peasant at Chatsworth Road Market, where I sampled their lovely tacos. The food at the supper club was equally as delicious, which included artichoke canapés, chestnut and sweet potato wellingon, chocolate truffles and not a marinated tofu chunk in sight. ... »


What is the best butchers on Ridley Road? Any recommendation on any others? I'm looking for a nice f »

Parkholme Supper Club

I went to this yesterday night and omg it was fabulous. You all must go! Ask me about it and look at »

Veggie Come Dine With Me

I think it would be great to do a come dine with me type thing, veggie style (the veggies never come »

Places for veggies to eat

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A Veggie Christmas

This list of veggie thanksgiving recipes look good for Christmas »

Dons Cafe, Lower Clapton Road

There was a cafe called Dons on Lower Clapton Road, that was closed when I moved in and has since be »

Veganpeasant Secret Dinner

Shameless plugIn the heart of Hackney, this event focuses on extraordinary vegan cuisine. http://veg »

veggie thanksgiving

I don’t celebrate thanksgiving, but this list of veggie recipes makes me want to – every day. So I t »

veggie Christmas

This list of veggie thanksgiving recipes look good for Christmas »

veggie thanksgiving

I don't celebrate thanksgiving, but this list of veggie recipes makes me want to - every day. So I t »

Cakes and Ale

I need to make a cake that goes well with Ale/Beer - I'm not overly fond of fruit cake, so I think I »

Poachers Pocket @ Towner and Hoxton

The tea rooms and art studios Towner and Hoxton have put together an ‘AD HOC’ country lodge called The Poachers Pocket. A fantastic temporary restaurant offering delicious locally sourced food and poacher themed drinks, accompanied by art work by local artist Dan Hillier and a two-piece band. Photos from ewebber under a Creative Commons licence Poachers Pocket final dates are: 2nd, 3rd, 4th Decemb... »

Christmas dinner at the Hackney Pearl

This looks ace - anyone fancy coming along?Three courses £25 per headStarters:Creamy Cauliflower Sou »

Broadway Market

This street has seen a lot of change over the years, here is a place to gather that information »

The Hemingway pub

There has been a big pub at 84 Victoria Park Road for a very long time, in recent history it has been The Royal Standard,  Garbos, The Pennethorne and for the last 4 months it has been The Hemingway. I have walked past this building many times, but after hearing about it’s latest guise I decided to finally go in. The Hemingway has been done up with in the style of a old gentlemen’s clu... »

Hackney’s Takeaways

What's your favourite curry, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Caribbean or pizza takeaway/deliverie »

Where are the best cocktails

I was wondering where the best cocktails are in Hackney. I'm not looking for any bar that does cockt »

Hackney for Foodies

At the risk of being accused of blatant self promotion, I thought I’d give a few links to a couple of posts I’ve written previously about foodie goings on in Hackney. I aim to contribute some original foodie posts to this site in the future, but hope for now this might provide some food for thought … A Foodie Tour Through Hackney Wick A few months ago I wrote a post on my blog ab... »

The Farm Shop, Dalston

Hiya Green Fingers in Hackney. Thought I'd share this email I got today:Hello everyone,After a summe »

Tudor Road Supper Club

If you have read any blog even vaguely related to food in the last couple of months you would have heard of Ben Greeno‘s Tudor Road Supper Club. A six month long project in a purposely rented flat on Tudor Road, Hackney. Thanks to a super early booking (it pays to spend loads of time on the Internet), I recently had the fortune to visit Tudor Road. Ben has had some amazing reviews and rightf... »

London Review of Breakfasts: The Counter Cafe, Hackney Wick

Reposted with kind permission from the wonderful London Review of Breakfasts The Counter Cafe 4a Roach Rd Hackney Wick E3 2PA 07952 696 388 by Malcolm Eggs I had never really spent any time in Hackney Wick, at least not deliberately. Based on its reputation I was imagining an outland of free expression, a place where creativity could run untethered and naked. Monkeys playi... »