Lock holsters

These are cool: »

Anyone selling a bike at the moment?

I got burgled overnight and lost my Trek 7.3 I could do with replacing it quickly »

Fuck yeah! Who fancies going for a ride?

I'm thinking about organising a ride open to all Yeah Hackney members. All ideas are welcome but I w »

Bike Wash?

Does anyone know any petrol stations in Hackney or hereabouts with a self-serve jet wash?They all se »

BikeSmut Screening?

Hello, I would like to organise a screening of »

The Lake District

I have just been on a weekend cycling tour to the lakes. On Friday three of us (Sausages, Will Smith »

Do you need a bike?

Posted a couple of bikes for sale... »

Bikes for sale

Clearing out a couple of bikes, no reserve. Let me know if you'd like to have a look one evening.htt »

Hackney Drag Sprints

You cycling peeps might like this: »

cycling safety petition

Hackney has a big cycling population, and it's in everyone's interest to push for safer roads. Pleas »

Critical Mass ride to the demonstrations tomorrow

Leaving Hackney town hall at 10am: »

Fixies just moved up a gear

This video was brought to attention by »

What do you ride?

Here is my bike, it's a 1979 Vespa 50 Special with a Prima Vera headset: »

Get your bike micro chipped

Hackney council and Hackney police are working together to microchip bikes, there are a couple of up »

Stevenage AUDAX ride

Is anyone planning to go on the AUDAX Stevenage ride on Sunday 27th March? I've only just come acros »


Does anyone have any experience with panniers? I have a couple of tours coming up this year and so n »

Free Bike Maintenance Workshop

Another free bike maintenance workshop will be happening at »

Hackney Gazette Cycle Safe Campaign

If you get round the slightly sensationalist slant on this campaign by the Hackney Gazette (just loo »


My new Ribble touring bike arrived today - excited! I've just put it together but need to get some p »

Wheely exspensive. . . .

Some fecker has nicked the back wheel off my bike, does anyone know how much it should cost for me t »

Tyre Recommendations

The tyres on my racer are on their last legs, they're riddled with holes & the beading is pretty loo »

Barclays superhighway

As part of my training I wanted to cover about 20 miles on this mornings ride. Having cycled down to »

Free Bike fixing skill-sharing @ OffMarket

Come every Tuesdays from about 2pm until dark to learn and share skills about bike fixing! »


Anyone fancy joining me on this?'s a single-speed/fixie for »

Bike repairs

There is a great bike maintenance workshop in Stoke Newington / London Fields. I went along with a r »


There is a great bike maintenance workshop in Stoke Newington / London Fields. I went along with a »

Bent frame

Following my crash the other week my frame is slightly bent. Does anyone know if this can be fixed? »

Best bike shops in Hackney

Where do you go to get a service? Who has the best set of bike lights or tights? »

Cycling Hackney

Self-powered, 2-wheeled transportation »

Hackney Bike Workshop

Next Hackney Bike workshop is tomorrow (21st Sept) at 7pm, for more details see or @hcknybkwrkshp »