‘Catch Us If You Can’

‘Catch Us If You Can’

Welcome to Hollywood Spring.

We’re an independent alternative cinema in the heart of hackney.

On Saturday 19th July, Barrow Boy presents John Boorman’s first feature ‘Catch Us If You Can’ for one night only.

Doors at 7pm

Film at 8pm

Bar closes at midnight

More information at www.hollywoodspring.com

A model and a stuntman on the run from Swinging London in an E-Type Jag.

On their tail, the oleaginous advertising exec in charge of their fates.

The open road heading west towards a mysterious island off the Devon Coast.

But can the fugitive couple really escape the clutches of a materialistic society?
And what will they find at the end of the road anyway?
John Boorman’s little seen first feature wasn’t just another pop film. It was way ahead of its time, touching on contemporary anxieties over materialism, illusion and the commodification of youth.
Along the way we encounter a range of 60s ‘types’: stoned proto-hippies, swinging odd couples and deranged urban outcasts – just what you want from a very British road movie…