Carpenter for fitted wardrobes


I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a well-priced carpenter/handyperson who’d be able to develop some simple but good quality floor-to-ceiling alcove wardrobes for our bedroom.

I’ll be contacting @KarlRees for a quote, but any other recommendations gratefully received!




  1. @quitepeculiar also mentioned her friend Dan aka @wtfstokey he may be able to help

  2. Check out the stuff my friend Nick McAuley does. He’s in Seven Sisters.

  3. Thanks @londiner and @ewebber – I really like the look of Nick’s stuff, and interested to see @wtfstokey‘s too!

  4. Hi @doreen/ @quitepeculiar – would you be able to DM me your friend Dan’s contact details? Putting a brief together and keen to see if he’s interested in quoting. Thanks so much!

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