Car bodywork repair

Hey hey, Someone thought it’d be nice to bang in to and scrape the back wing of our little 206 and swan off without leaving their details.  It’d be nice to have it bashed back in to shape and a bit of T-cut applied.  In an unrelated incident, someone else put a screw-driver sized hole in the door to break in before realising there was nothing in the car to steal.  I’ve sorted the lock, but the small hole remains and it’d probably be better if it was filled…Any recommendations for someone honest and reasonable who might be able to sort these issues out for me?  The car’s a bit long in the tooth so I’m not bothered about main dealers or affecting warranty or anything like that…. I’m down in the E2 end of the borough, so somewhere around here would be great! Thanking you!


  1. i had some bodywork done to my car some time ago and was really happy with it & the price was also very reasonable. it’s a garage on morning lane, the guy’s name is mikey 07940253503 good luck!

  2. Haven’t all the garages on Morning Lane closed down for the \fashion hub” development?”

  3. There are loads of bodyshops still along the Andre street section of arches. Ive used Hackney Motor Services, who have their own shop, a few times and theyre always pretty straight up.

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