Canal Walk/De Beauvoir Estate Cycle Permeability Scheme

Canal Walk/De Beauvoir Estate Cycle Permeability Scheme

A new consultation has been launched by Hackney Council to improve the canal walk path, including better provision for cyclists and pedestrians the summary is:

– Introduce signs, and dropped kerbs to formalise a shared space on Canal Walk path
– Formalise a cycle route through De Beauvoir Estate by dropping kerbs and removing street furniture
– Repave footway on Canal Walk path
– Relocate bollards and gate on Balmes Road
– Trim and replant green areas on Canal Walk path
– Reduce wall height on Canal Walk path
– Remove one car parking space

Unfortunately the consultation site seems a little broken, so I can’t access any documents or the questionnaire, however there is more details on the De Beauvoir Councillors blog, including the map showing the details of the proposals.

Consultation dates are:

Start: 24th February 2014
End: 14th March 2014

More details here


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