Can someone suggest a good cobblers?

I have a pair of shoes that need a new sole and heel and I was wondering if anyone had anywhere to suggest in the Hackney area? Ideally I would love somewhere that’s fast and cheap, but anywhere someone could recommend would be great.Thanks!Izzy


  1. Hello. I have a pair of scruffy boots that have seen the soles wear right down to the filaments of dust that distinguish my feet from the pavement. While there’s a certain harmony to be had with the goings on of the street on good days, when it rains, which it often does, my thoughts turn to the squidgy damp feeling rising up through my socks and the nightmarish labyrinth of puddles ahead of me.So anyone kind enough to help ohelloizzy would be heaping good advice on not just one person, but two! I’m also keen on fast and cheap.

  2. The Craftsman on the Mare st end of Well St is well worth a visit, a shabby looking shop run by a guy who has clearly been doing this for a very long time and really knows his stuff, as well as being super cheap. It was recommended to me by @katybeale a while ago when they rebuilt a pair of her boots and he has saved my favourite boots from the bin.The Craftsman(photo from London Shop Fronts)”

  3. Brilliant! Just what I was after – thank you!

  4. There’s also Well Heeled on Bethnal Green Road (no 443) – the guys in there are great, and super cheap. You always get a little lecture on why you shouldn’t have bought the shoes/the state of modern ‘craftsmanship’ in manufacture, but it’s part of the charm! I really recommend them.

  5. and 162 Chatsworth Road – the gentlemen there is one of the subjects of the Last of The Real High Streets portrait exhibition

  6. Second alexisk – the man at 162 is so very lovely I keep trying to find shoes that he can mend.

  7. Just picked my boots up from The Craftsman this morning. New heels (stained to match the boots), new soles, new insoles, stitching to fix the lining and buffed for £21.50 – fab!

  8. Thanks so much for this. I think the place on Chatsworth Road is closed now. But the Craftsman is still in business. Thanks, Caroline

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