Campaign for a new crossing on Lea Bridge Road

Local residents are calling for a pedestrian crossing on Lea Bridge Road to make crossing safer More info and details how and who to email on the Beecholm blog


  1. All for it, I drive down there a lot, wouldn’t bother me if there was an additional crossing. The most annoying bit, as a driver, is where you need to turn right on to Chatsworth Road, if it is busy you have to rely on the lights on that junction, and only one or two can make the right turn as cars from the opposite direction tend to jump the red.

  2. There’s now a consultation taking place on a new crossing on Lea Bridge Road (only further down the road than the one mentioned above).From the Millfields blog;”Hackney Council are doing a consultation on a proposal for a new Toucan (signal controlled pedestrian and cycle) crossing on Lea Bridge Road by the Princess of Wales pub. Leaflets appear to have gone to residents on the south of the road but not to residents on the north such as Latham’s Yard who will also be directly affected. It also doesn’t appear to be on the Hackney website – so we’ve therefore re-produced it below. We will do a posting on our view of the the proposal shortly. The deadline for responding is Friday 15 November. “crossing proposal

  3. Why not just walk under the bridge?

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