Calling all Stay-at-home Dads or Dads juggling home, work and family

Hello,I am doing a PhD  at Queen Mary, in collaboration with the Geffrye Museum ofthe Home and I trying to identify and access potential ‘Father’ participants for inclusion in my study and to be interviewed about their everyday care practices and lived experiences.]I have just entered my 2nd year and am actively seeking participants who are male primarycarers looking after their children at home. These need not be full-time carers; they may be engaged in other work such as part-time employment or perhaps are self-employed or volunteer.I was a primary carer myself in the 1980s and now co-parent my 2 year-old son with my wife a Children’s Geographer at London South Bank University so am anxious to explore the hidden voices of such men and use any appropriate means to try and contact these hard-to-find fathers. I am particularly interested in young fathers and fathers from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds as theyare definitely under-represented in current research globally but would welcome hearing about ALL the different stories that must be represented in a city such as ours.Additionally part of my remit is to interview up to 15 ‘significant others’ . My thinking is that the majorityof this participant group will be partners of the men initially recruited but I would also be very interested in hearing the views of any other people such as relatives or even peers.The outcome of my research will be presented at a small exhibition at the Geffrye Museum of the Home Hoxton and be disseminated to a wider audience academically and hopefully to  support organisations and policymakers and practitioners.I hope this may be of interest to some of the members of this forum and I’d be delighted to hear from you personally or if you know of anyone that fits this profile I’d be delighted to talk with them.I am more than happy to provide participants with detailed information letter and any enquiries can be directed to me on or  feel free to  phone me on  07758 366632  at anytime.Warmest wishesRob Stephenson “