Calling all London bands: play at the Hackney Wick Carnival

This is from this facebook page: invitation for London band’s to submit their demo’s for a chance to play at the forthcoming free three day music festival this summer, Hackney Wick Carnival.As well as stages for major label bands we are running an unsigned/ indie label stage for London based bands. If you want to play post a link to your music on the group’s wall. Please don’t post a myspace link if possible ( I hate myspace – too slow and buggy) but if all you have is myspace then I will still (reluctantly) listen to it.If you have friends you think might be interested in this group add them! Notes:- Band’s must be London (South East at a push) based to qualify- Band’s must be unsigned or on a crappy little indie label no one’s heard of- All band’s who play will be paid. Fee tbc but don’t worry we’re not going to take the piss. Three digits. This a proper festival with real money and sponsors and everything. Honest. – NB this is festival is not to be confused with Hackney Wicked which is an arts festival although they do host a few bands as well.”