Calling all Hackney Downs dwellers!

Hi, My name’s Laura and I’m a trainee journalist covering Hackney Downs. Originating from Essex I know next to nothing about the area and was hoping you could all help me out! If anyone has any interesting info/news/gossip/facts about Hackney Downs I’d be enormously grateful if you could let me know. Thanks! Laura


  1. how funny that hackney downs station is not deemed to be in hackney downs’ boundaries! how’s it going?

  2. I remember crossing Hackney Downs at night a few years ago, I had been to an evening tenant’s meeting on the other side, and it seemed sensible to walk across the Downs to get home. It was very strange and threatening, I could see groups of youths at various places, lurking!!!  Regretted it as I reached mid point but there was no point turning back, so I ploughed nervously on. I managed  to get through to the other side without incident, but I haven’t tried crossing it in the dark since. This was in 2003 to be fair, is it still an intimidating place in the dark, or is that just all parks?

  3. @marty21 I live near the Downs and when I first moved here about 10 years ago, I’d have agreed with you. I remember crossing the park at night and most of the lighting didn’t work and people joy-riding on mopeds would whizz passed me without their lights on.But in recent years there’s been a huge improvement in the Downs. All the lighting was upgraded which makes a huge difference. It just feels far safer. I actually think the Downs is a great little park now; good children and sports facilities, and plenty of open space. All it needs now is a little refreshments booth.

  4. I completely agree with @benjamin. Having lived in the area for 5 years I’ve noticed a real improvement in the park. The facilities are clearly better and it is being used much more constructively as a social space. It definitely feels much safer.

  5. Hi Laura, Welcome! I work in Hackney Downs in a building at the edge of the park.  It is called Warwick Works and there are lots of studios here and some offices.  It is right on the edge of the park – a great location.  There is lots going on here, including a recording studios, fashion designers, graphic artists and small start up businesses.  A building next door has just been bought to be converted to a similar thing, so you may want to come down and take a look.  I would be happy to show you around… Lucia

  6. Thanks so much to everyone who’s replied to my post – it’s been great to hear all your thoughts on the area!Lucia – I would love to come down and take a look round if it’s not too much trouble? I’m usually in Hackney Downs on Wednesday/Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings so if you could let me know when would be a good time for you that would be great!Thank youLaura

  7. HI laura, I am so sorry I only just saw this post.  I will be here at each of those times next week so pop over for a tea and a chat whenever you like, I promise to look out for you here, Lucia

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