CALL FOR ARTISTS: Deadline 22 May, 2012

BOTANY & BOTULISM :THE LONDON LEGACY ZEN GARDENCALL FOR ARTISTSArtists of the Olympic catchment area exhibit stealth,wealth, diamonds and dust as an art of Zen.BOTULISM:Severe poisoning from ingestion of botulin, which affectsthe central nervous system producing difficulty inswallowing, visual disturbances, and respiratoryparalysis: often fatal.BOTANY:The study of plants, including their classification,structure, physiology, ecology, and economic importanceThe plant life of a particular region or timeThe biological characteristics of a particular group of plantsZEN:a Japanese school, of 12th century Chinese origin,teaching that contemplation of one’s essential nature tothe exclusion of all else is the only way of achieving pure enlightenment.LONDON: the ancient nucleus of the modern metropolis.OLYMPIC GAMES:a modern international sports competition, held onceevery four years.2012: ?CALL FOR ARTISTSBOTANY & BOTULISM: THE LONDON LEGACY ZEN GARDEN is set to launch 5th July through 12th August, 2012 at the East London based RESIDENCE GALLERY, in the thick miasma of the Olympic wild.We are now accepting proposals from artists living and/or dying in the Olympic catchment area… and those who have been evicted or seduced.On the surface the exhibition is designed to offer a pristine oasis of serene calm. Upon closer inspection a more radioactive possibility is also at work.We are interested in piecing together artists’ works to form a wider indoor-garden style installation and companion gift shop. Artists are encouraged to transpose the classical qualities of a Zen garden on to the production of a very contemporary and collectable art piece channelling the London 2012 Olympic VIBE…  and making the most of it.The Zen garden compounds a metaphorical scenario woven together by a rich tapestry of stealth, wealth, power, corruption, glamour, growth and paralyses.There is no restriction to medium or size however keep in mind the gallery is fairly bijoux. When we say we are creating a Zen garden, this does not mean your piece needs to be a rock or plant however working with such materials is welcome. Diamond dust, radical bonsai, faux metal, corporately endorsed landscape, recycled stolen goods, Swarovski encrusted coke cans, rehabilitated pigeons, energy efficient art, solar powered shadows, rakes, stakes, sparkling rings, and mysteriously ticketed things…. All materials have potential.As for the gift shop, we are looking for a full range of tourist tat to spectacular new-age 2012 effect. We don’t mind if you throw in a bit of a Mayan twist to your portrayal of the London attractions. Postcards, badges, commemorative plates, bags for life, magic crystals, London prints, ashtrays, stamps, congratulations cards and t-shirts are all welcome. Objects of curiosity, prophecy and HD profit are totally encouraged.Selected pieces will be exhibited and put for sale at the standard 50% rate of commission. All works must be created to the highest specification. The world will be watching!TO APPLYBy Email:Send the following to: with“ZEN GARDEN”in the subject header.-Brief written proposal including medium technical and conceptual details as well as contact info and retail price of work (Keeping in mind 50% artist – 50% gallery commission).-5 examples of actual or relevant past work: jpeg images video links or PDF files.-CVBy Post:Send to:THE RESIDENCE GALLERY 229 Victoria Park Road London E9 7HDSend cv brief written proposal with contact info as described above with 5 examples of work in the form of photographs samples dvd or cd. Only postal proposals accompanied by self-addressed stamped envelopes will be returned.DEADLINE: 22 May 2012Successful applicants will be informed by25 May 2012.