Cakey Muto now open late Thurs – Saturday

Hi all, Cakey Muto is now open late Thursday through to Saturday, selling booze, cakes and pies up to 11pm (sometimes midnight if we have an event on). Check Facebook for event listings, or just pop in for a drink!


  1. Lame! £2 for a tiny piece of cake (1/3 of normal size). Tastes good but wish they would just charge more and serve normal size cake instead.

  2. Oh wow!  I’m so sorry you feel like that! What did you buy? A brownie or a chocolate salted caramel?

  3. Personally I feel the cake sizes are huge! They’re so delicious and rich I can never finish them and think compared to most of London they’re quite reasonably priced!

  4. @blithcockwalk I’m not sure about their cake sizes (although I’ve not had that problem there myself), but if that’s the case, surely having the option to buy smaller pieces makes sense – I know I don’t want to not be able to finish cake, cake waste is not good!£2 also sounds pretty good to me.

  5. I  often think it’s a bit unfair to criticise small independent businesses on price they sell things for.  If you do the maths, it’s so hard for a business like this to even pay their rent  by selling cake.  Not to mention staff costs, business rates etc.  They probably have a minimal profit margin if any! (of course their are small businesses that take the piss, but i don’t think this is one of them)

  6. Popped in there on Sunday, I liked it, coffee was very reasonably priced and it looks great.

  7. Can I just say that the chocolate fudge cake is amazing… Top notch coffee too, and not easy with the stiff competition from the three others on the street – it is practically Broadway Market on Chatsworth for coffee these days…

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