Where can I get good cakes in Hackney? Does anyone have tips of where to go when you’re needing a cakey sugary pick me up?I haven’t yet tried Violet Cakes on Wilton Way – but I hear good things


  1. Oooh, Violet cupcakes are the jam. I love their salted caramel one… nyamnyamnyam.

  2. Ugh, and I was just looking on their website now, too, now that you mentioned it. It’s pure cupcake porn!! I may have to walk by there today now.

  3. I was just tweeted this \Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion’ is the World’s first 18+ cake shop pushing the concept that cake can never be offensive to the extreme.””

  4. Ah yeah! I saw that in my Bompas & Parr newsletter, but I didn’t look at the website! That thing the woman is holding between her legs looks… like a squid.

  5. I’ve heard very good things about The Stoke Newington Tea Rooms. Has anyone been? I think I may head down this weekend so will let you know the verdict…

  6. the Organic & Natural shop & cafe opposite Clapton Pond has really superb, and mostly vegan, cakes, all made by local lovelies, try to catch them on the day they come in and they’re the best! x

  7. @jenny I’ve been to the Stokey Tea Rooms, and it’s quite nice, although it’s quite the hang-out for the local baby parade. Which really isn’t a complaint so much as an observance.@kirsti I wonder if those are the baked goods that my old housemate Kristoff was making in our kitchen. If so, any muffins are made in my old muffin tin.

  8. Thanks very much… don’t mind yummy mummies as long as there’s also yummy cake!On another note, I wondered if any of you cake-fanatics would be interested in joining a pudding club I’m thinking of starting for people living in the Hackney/North London area. I think the general jist would be to meet every couple of weeks all having had a go at baking the same recipe to compare notes and have a taste of them all. Or meet to try various pudding places in London. Let me know thoughts.

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