Buying Coffee Beans

I am subscribed to square mile at the moment, so I have been getting my beans delivered. But is there anywhere in and around Hackney to buy good beans?


  1. I thought they were in Hackney but turns out they’re actually about 100m over the border. They do very good coffee though so we can let that slide…

  2. I like Nude espresso but haven’t come across it around Hackers. They have a place in Bricklane.

  3. I spotted Coleman Coffee for sale in Violet Cakes on Wilton Way earlier – I think they are based in south east London, although looks like their site is down at the moment

  4. I get my beans from Climpson’s and they’re absolutely fantastic. Their winter espresso is so smooth. Also if you buy a 500g bag in person you get a free coffee. Do it!

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