1. would be happy to help bring in some views from Shoreditch Startups.

  2. @IntoUniversity did you see this reply?

  3. Hi @ewebber thanks so much for bringing the above reply to my attention! I believe we are still getting to grips with the functions of the forum. @monkchips that would be really fantastic. A start up especially in the digital/technology sector is exactly the kind of business that many of our students may never have had exposure to before and we are aiming to facilitate a breadth of knowledge about different pathways. It is also really valuable for the students to know that such a vibrant sector is active in the local area. I have added you as a friend I think that is how I can privately message you with more information? Many thanks again for your enthusiasm.”

  4. @intouniversity I don’t work in a business right now, but I do work in digital. I’m at Government Digital Service (as an agile project/portfolio manager) if you are interested in me/my colleagues being involved drop me a private message.”

  5. Hi @ewebber and @monkchips I can confirm that volunteers will be needed 10-11am on Thursday 30th May. Please do let me know if you are both still interested in being involved. @ewebber I have sent you a private message and @monkchips just waiting for you to accept my friend request (unless you would like me to contact you through other means?) Many thanks!

  6. Also, we are still interested in more volunteers if anybody else is interested, especially someone from a social enterprise!

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