Per the website (http://bus-tops.com/shelters/):’Bus-Tops is a public art project which won the London arc of the Arts Council/LOCOG ‘Artists Taking The Lead’ competition. Our project is one of 12 commissions across the nation, one in each of the English regions and one in each of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Bus-Tops are screen based sculptural installations to be installed on the roofs of bus shelters across London, forming a city-wide exhibition platform for artists to show their work. Currently in prototyping and development (as of August 2010), the installations will be in place from July 2011 and remain until at least the end of September 2012.’You can select where you would like to see these bus top installations by registering with the site, then by going on a map and selecting what stops you’d like to see. The map is very selective about which bus stops are eligible for this project–for example I thought in front of Hackney Town Hall would be a good spot, but it didn’t show up as an option.There doesn’t seem to be many people signed in at the moment, or at least not much consensus on stops (one of the ‘popular stops’ only has one person who picked it). For those of us who commute mainly by bus, it might be a good way to try and sway for an example of the project to be along the routes we take. I selected two along the 38 and one along the 55.

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  1. Ah cool, this is Alfie’s project, I’ll go sign up

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