Burglary in E5

My friend was burgled some time between 11:30 am and 3pm on Saturday afternoon (15 May). They broke into her basement flat on Lockhurst St, Clapton through the front window (broke the glass and climbed through as the window was safely locked!).

They took some things she can replace (an old ipod, a sony vsio laptop, a banana yellow bike!) but things she can’t too, like jewellery that belonged to her great-grandma (wedding rings etc). If anyone knows any places we can go look for these things (particularly the jewellry), please could you let me know.
Speaking to the policeman, it seems that the E5 area is a hotspot for burglaries at the moment. If you live in the area, make sure your property is as safe as possible (e.g. trim back hedges that conceal your flat from the street as burglars use this to their advantage, keep spare keys hidden so they can’t make an easy getaway).


  1. Really sorry to hear about it 🙁 Incredible that the critters can get away with this.

  2. Sorry to hear this, I live in E5 as well. This sort of stuff could end up at places like Cash Converters, not sure where the nearest one is, but worth going to the closest one.

  3. Yes, really quite shocking in the middle of the day! Thanks Marty21, I’ll see if there’s a local one. Maybe there’s pawn shops near Clapton too – I can’t imagine they took the stuff far,

  4. Possibly a return of burglary spates: just had word from neighbour that she was broken into yesterday, had front window smashed in late afternoon and laptop stolen. Chatworth Rd/Clifden Road area. 🙁

  5. Yes seems like its getting worse: 3 muggings on Glyn Road/ Ashendon Road area 2 weeks ago, and last week a friends flat broken into on Chippendale Road, laptops stolen, and they found keys and got into upstairs flat too.

  6. my next door neighbour was burgled a few weeks ago (in E5) they had a laptop nicked, and some cash – my neighbour thought he had been targeted as he works from home – and can be seen in his office working on his lap top from the window – his laptop was taken – they have upped their security – ironically they did have a burglar alarm (they gave me the code and I once switched it off when an elderly uncle staying there managed  to trigger it) but they switch it off when they are in. They were in when someone got in

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