Bulrush Supper Club at the Old Shoe Factory, Hackney, 20/08/11

Hi everyone!

Just to invite you all to the first Bulrush Supper Club this Saturday in Hackney. The menu is £40 for 8 courses including smoked oyster with yuzu marmalade, veal tongue baked in clay with pickled white peach, salmon with jasmine moss and much more. Lots of the ingredients have been foraged around Hackney, including Abney Cemetery.

If you’d like to come please drop me a message. There will be a second Bulrush Supper Club in October (with much better organisation!)



  1. Katherine, this sounds like a brilliant idea. I know it’s a long shot, but if you ever do a vegetarian supper, I’d love to know about it.
    Good luck,

  2. Hey Doug,
    We don’t have a vegetarian one planned as yet, but this is only our first, so there may be opportunities in the future. Will definitely keep you posted!

  3. Sounds great – do you have a time and location?

    I also want to point out that Abney is a nature reserve and picking stuff isn’t supposed to be allowed but I think as long as people are responsible (taking small amounts of bountiful things, not rare species etc) then foraging there might be a good way to encourage the local community to take care of and cherish the cemetery?

    Perhaps you’d be interested in collaborating with the cemetery trust to forage and make jams or something to sell and raise funds?
    Feel free to friend me and send me a direct mail.


  4. I’ll pop you a DM. Gosh, we didn’t actually know that about Abney but we definitely didn’t strip it of anything. Good to know for the future though!

  5. Just to let you all know, Bulrush Supper Club begins at 7.30pm tomorrow at the Old Shoe Factory, Hackney and lasts around 4 hours. If you’d like to come please email me on katherinecraughwell at gmail dot com or georgelivesey at yahoo dot com


  6. Sounds great! How many of your dishes on the menu contain meat in them? I was wondering how suitable it would be for me to come along as I’m a non meat eater except for fish or seafood.

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