Building surveyor

Does anyone know of a good person who will do a buildings survey? I’m buying an old property in E5 and need to find any major problems first!


  1. I used DMC Consulting before for a survey. They are based in Stokie

  2. Thanks Simone – I’ll get in touch. Any other suggestions welcome too for comparison.

  3. Are you still looking for a surveyor?

  4. I liked Ray at DMC – he seemed to do a thorough job. Although one never can tell if a surveyor misses something important until one you find it…

    But if you do have some personal experience with another surveyor then do post details, as no doubt others may look here in the future.

  5. DMC consulting just happens to be a client of ours. Ray Timson is a thoroughly nice guy.
    Dependant on what the survey is for we have other specialists that we can recommend.

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