I can’t post new posts via the form at the bottom of the discussions tab.  It just seems to refuse to go through with it. I have to go and start a new topic in the group. Also when I searched groups for the Stoke Newington group it doesn’t come up but searching for e.g. green gives me the eco friend and green fingered groups ok.


  1. Hi @Jamieb – the first is likely from a few changes I made when the site was close to toppling over, this was always a bit temporary and I’m planning a big upgrade at the weekend, provided the upgrade works 😕 then hopefully everything will be all functioning properly again. I’ll test this particular issue when I do. Searching \Stoke Newington” finds the group for me so I’m not sure about that one”

  2. Mysterious.Doesn’t work:hackney after darkart shows in hackneymusicgigscomedyn16 Does work:greenart

  3. Odd, I’m not seeing that at all – both logged in and logged I can search for those groups. What happens when you are logged out or in a private browsing window?

  4. Same thing. Happens in firefox too (I’m in chrome). Very curious!

  5. I’m baffled – can you try again after the upgrade?

  6. Yep will do.

  7. Hi @jamieb the mammoth upgrade is now complete ( I spent around 9 hours yesterday 😕 )  aside from a few things I am collecting over here: http://www.yeahhackney.com/groups/fyh-ideas-and-feedback/forum/topic/known-issues-after-upgrade-nov-2011/ things should be generally working.I can seem to create a topic from the discussions tab now so please give that another go. Also try the search issue you were seeing that I couldn’t replicate (bear in mind that forums are not currently appearing in search as I wrote in the knows issues post)”

  8. Good work! The post form now works fine and the search terms mostly work from the Search Groups widget. The only ones that don’t work are the group titles themselves (Hackney After Dark etc) but the individual words (comedy, gigs etc) do work so it looks like it’s searching group contents but not titles. The main site search widget up at the top right does find group titles.

  9. Hi @jamieb it still works fine for me – I search Hackney After Dark  and I get the group show up, I am using the latest version of Chrome logged in and logged out. Same thing in Firefox (both on a mac), and Safari on an ipad so it does work, it just isn’t working for you for some reason?? What happens if you search directly from the groups page? http://www.yeahhackney.com/groups/ I can suggest clearing suggest out your cache and trying again.”

  10. Bingo! Ctrl F5 – the new \have you tried turning it off and on again?”…”

  11. A hard refresh! It has saved me many times (it’s apple+R for you mac users)

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