Broadway Market

This street has seen a lot of change over the years, here is a place to gather that information


  1. Battle for Broadway marketThe 2005 occupation of a cafe of Broadway Market and the story of the regeneration of this well known street in Hackney to @euan for sharing)

  2. great video , thought I would post this picture from 1987, which shows a previous use of spririts shop: phil collins shooting \buster” October 16th 1987 the morning of the hurricane.

  3. Great picture!

  4. @chrisdb1 that’s a great pictureHere is Berris Conolly’s Picture from 1985(From )”

  5. This photo: view north from Welshpool Street, is in the Hackney Archives from 1958

  6. Hello, I’m an architecture student from New Mexico and I’m doing a project about the Broadway Market. I was wondering if there was any historical plans as to how the stalls are, which shops are where and whatnot. Any little bit helps. Thanks!

  7. Hi @cynja I think @andrewboff is the best person to help you with this

  8. Anyone have any photos of Broadway Market showing what it was like before the market came along?

  9. @euan – I reckon @chrisdb1 will and I know someone else that might – is it for something in particular?

  10. it’s for presentation that i’ll be giving tomorrow evening for this: ;-)Trying to make a point that gentrification has some good sides to it. Although i imagine the community there will struggle to see such benefits.

  11. Well there is one right here: can email Berris through his site.And try @chrisdb1 too

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