Britney Spears gets in on the Dalston thing

I’m not usually one for celebrity gossip or tabloid newspapers – but according to the Sun Britney Spears is filming her new video in Dalston this weekend – I wonder if she’ll take a wander down Ridley Road.”


  1. This is hackney’s ‘jump the shark’ moment if there ever was one.

  2. An update on this – a slightly inappropriate image of her fleeing a Dalston shop with a gun I’m going to stress that I saw this bit on twitter I wasn’t on the Sun website”

  3. If you haven’t seen it, Hackney Council are a bit annoyed over the fact that Britney was carrying a replica gun coming out of Stoke Newington Town Hall  – more on that here: And now the American media has been picking it up too: and

  4. :::cringe::: When I was in high school in Florida, there’s a yearly thing called Grad Night that involves high school seniors from all over the state going to Disney World, which was specially closed off that evening for these students. There’s music performers as well as the rides and all sorts of little prizes and freebies, and the year I went, the headlining performer was none other than Britney Spears. This was a bit over a decade ago, when she was still doing sort of bubblegum pop tunes and only her first album had come out, maybe her second. I was completely disinterested in seeing her, as at the time I was only into independent hip-hop (word!). I recall being slightly depressed for the state of America by the massive crowd around her stage. In the first article that you mentioned above, she calls London \her second home.” I sincerely hope it isn’t.”

  5. And here is the video: It’s been removed from YouTube – something to do with the nudity I guess.”

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