Bridging Digital Hackney and Hackney IRL.

Hey everyone

After the terrible events this week I wanted to do something positive, and it struck me that smoothing the gradient between the Hackney where I live and the Hackney where I work might help us all. How do we encourage aspiration and help local people, particularly youth, see the range of opportunities the digital economy creates

We want to get Shoreditch out into the field, and get the field into Shoreditch. apprenticeships, internships, local training in building web apps. that kind of thing.

Tech City is in. London Metropolitan University is in. Mozilla is in. And some cool individuals. What about you? Are you in?


  1. Brilliant initiative! I’m \in” in whatever capacity I can be. Can be creative as I’ve no internships and the like to offer but let’s see where the dialogue takes us.”

  2. Great stuff, how can I be in?

  3. Definitely interested.

  4. Count me in as well, awesome

  5. What’s the next step, I can be available for meetings etc.

  6. OK, I work for a trade union that is involved in the government’s union learning project. We have the opportunity to apply for funding for a post for a project to develop a ‘community learning hub’ working with local businesses and community groups. We need a community space that can host this project. We need a lockable accessible room which can hold 8 computers, we can supply the computers, and the internet access, and a full time worker to do the outreach work. The only problem is that the deadline for the funding is very soon, so any ideas about venues, please let me know.

  7. GREAT to hear that other hackney locals want to help. John Page- i am completely confident we can find you a venue in reasonably short order.

  8. Hackney (or the Learning Trust) certainly won’t help bridge the digital divide by threatening to sack inspirational staff like their ICT director Geoff Carter. Geoff has been doing inspirational ICT and business things for schools and pupils for the last 7 years and was the power behind the ‘computers for pupils’ initiative that got close to 4000 laptops out to Hackney youngsters. I’ll contact him and see if he’d like to help you guys whilst he’s being forced to take some ‘gardening leave’ from TLT….

  9. @julianbrearley – this sounds like it’s nothing to do with the Council, but rather @monkchips independently doing something pro-active

  10. completely independent. please do julian. i would absolutely love to talk to Geoff. sounds like we need him…

  11. Brilliant idea! What kind of help will you need?

    @johnpage Chats Palace might be a good venue.

  12. Please keep me in touch with what is going on and I’ll help any way I can

  13. James – I’m in

    Hackney is the adopted home of the Nanode Project – which arose from The London Hackspace in Cremer Street , Shoreditch

    It’s a web connected gizmo that youngsters can build up from a kit – ideal for schools/colleges and getting people involved in making things again.

    The building of kits would form the ideal basis for a small startup or cottage industry as well as providing the basis for a local workshop.

    I’m looking for partners and programmers to take this further

    Ken @monsonite on Twitter

  14. Assuming the Learning Trust stupidly dispense with Geoff Carter’s services as Director of ICT next wednesday looks like both he and I will have time on our hands. We’d be delighted to get involved and put our existing experience in this area to best use. Good luck to you all!

  15. Sounds great, would like to help out somehow.

  16. Like everyone else, I’d be interested.

  17. i’m in too

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