Brew for two on Morning Lane

Slowly but surely a nice coffee shop takes shape…. Morning Lane opposite the Duke of Wellington! Nice!


  1. @markolondon12 Just popped my head round the door for a peek – looks really lovely inside and outside. Look forward to sampling it some time soon. Can barely keep up with the number of cafes opening in Hackney!

  2. Really recommend this lovely place. Gorgeous sandwiches, quiches and cakes etc, and generous portions. The owner is really nice and friendly as well, so will definitely be back. Look forward to sitting out in the garden at the back when we get another half-decent weekend weather-wise…

  3. Been to Brew for Two twice now, and I love it! It’s really well decorated with cakes and breads on display to drool over (not literally obviously). The lady who runs it is lovely. My doorstop sandwiches are definately the best sandwiches around here! I think downstairs is going to be some kind of place for groups to hold classes/exhibitions etc. Had a peek in the garden out the back but it was too wet to sit out!

  4. It’s a great place – beautiful garden, delicious fresh food, friendly people

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