Boxpark – the pop-up mall

I have been passing this regularly on my way to work, it’s just by Shoreditch overground station and is claimed to be the worlds first \pop-up” mall coming in August Boxpark website


  1. I wrote an article on that actually…. it does sound fairly interesting in a way!

  2. I’m hoping it includes a pop-up pop sock shop 😉

  3. \BoxPark Shoreditch will exist for 5 years before the space will be passed on to retail developers Hammerson and Ballymore.” – so not so pop-down then”

  4. Haha no!

  5. I just went past on the bus, work has started on it now

  6. Not much is on the website, but some names have gone up around the park. I keenly noticed Namo who are a great vietnamese restaurant in Victoria Park Village – anyone seen who else is moving in?”

  7. Passed by there on Sunday and took a few pics. Looks promising. Really like the concept. Names I noticed were Crussh, Urbanears, Kangol, NewEra, Smiley, Namo, Dockers, Nike and OneTrueSaxon. Also got wind of Wagamamas having a slot. Put my pictures up at“

  8. Looks like they are looking for staff too, I didn’t catch the details, but it’s printed up on the side of the park

  9. Been down to the Boxpark site this morning and took some more pics. Managed to get on the site and take a peak inside some of the containers. Put the new pics up on to add that I’m not associated to Boxpark if anyone’s wondering. Just an enthusiastic bystander.”

  10. Be good if there were more independents before Shoreditch becomes more brand and bland.  If say half of the units were set aside for up and coming designers etc. it would make me want to visit…

  11. there’s an article about it in yesterday’s Evening Standard Been also reading about CABIN/ET (mentioned in the article) but that ended in 2009. For info

  12. Boxpark have released their official list of brands due to open in Shoreditch. Looks like a fair mix of independents and big names. I hadn’t heard of many of these names before.BoxPark brands list

  13. I was looking forward to this development but I am really disappointed in its final appearance.At just two storeys and all monochromatic I think it just looks a bit mundane and unambitious. I guess I was expecting something more like Container City;

  14. Odd that they have removed their video from Vimeo!

  15. this looks pretty cool! i walk past there almost every day… i never even noticed it… might go have a look tomorrow!

  16. boxpark
    Photo by ewebber
    Boxpark opens this weekend and is looking pretty shiny right now”

  17. You can get a 20% of voucher for the first week over here:

  18. i may not have time to visit in the first week but i’m gonna try!

  19. Looks like this boxpark is the first of many across London Have you been and what are your thoughts on it?

  20. I still think it’s a bit dull and a missed opportunity to bring something really imaginative and vibrant to the east end. Here’s what some others have done with containers; And aren’t most of the clothes stores all of the same stamp? Not much variety.

  21. Boxpark have just submitted a planning application to “..increase the maximum number of A3 units within the development from 12 to 16.”It looks as though the cafes are doing better than the clothes.”

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