Borough Wines refillable wine bottles comes to Palm 2

\Borough This is great! Borough wines are coming to Palm2 on Lower Clapton Road – this means good wine cheaper than normal and no throwing bottles away. More on borough wines over here:


  1. best news of the week! 🙂

  2. oh joy!

  3. Genius.

  4. very clever! its not necessarily really \cheaper than normal” but it is a nice gimmick and fairly decent wine.”

  5. Oooh, super super news!  Clapton-Wilton Way isn’t always worth the bike ride despite the lovely wine, but I can’t imagine a situation when Palm 2 won’t be.  Hurrah!

  6. @leyn Yeah, wilton way is a little too far to go for me, but my actual corner shop selling it is awesome 🙂

  7. I’m probably being thick as usual….is the idea you initially buy full bottles from there then re-use them, or roll up at Palm with any empties already lying around the flat and fill them?

  8. I just went in there and bought my first bottle of wine (for later, not for right now!) You need to buy their bottles, but they are £2.50 each, so it’s not too bad, then the wine is £5 – so £7.50 for the first bottle which isn’t bad at all! Then you wash it out and reuse it.

  9. This makes me sooo happy. Right at the end of my road. We have some of the bottles from before but too lazy to go get them filled up. Weekend = sorted!!

  10. @toby but then again I didn’t ask about refilling old ones ….. they don’t have corks though so I guess it could get a bit spilly

  11. Marvellous thanks, I’ll give that a bash this weekend.

  12. Screwtops?

  13. Of course! think I was being a bit dense there

  14. Hows the wine? Is it good / average. I love wine so this is promising! xx

  15. Just bought a bottle and can safely say its nice. Glug… glug…glug..

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