Bootstrap Summer Party and Nazir Tanbouli’s new mural

Hackney painter Nzir Tanbouli, who did last year’s \Kings Land” mural project on the derelict Kingsland Estate is about to reveal a new mural. It’s got to be the biggest indoor mural in Hackney and one of  the biggest in London spreading over 5 floors of the Bootstrap building in Dalston.The building used to be Reeves Artist Colours factoryand now it’s home to Arcola Theatre and Cafe Oto and of course Bootstrap’s complex which includes various studios and Dalston roof park among other things. Naz was inspired by the facade and has created this The party at Bootstrap is open to all with a £3 donation to Bootstrap Campus a local youth training project. There will be live music dancing various refreshments and a general good time. Here’s all the info look forward to seeing you.