Books on Hackney’s Buildings & Architecture.

Anyone interested in books on Hackney’s buildings and architecture should check out ‘Hackney – Modern, Restored, Forgotten, Ignored’ by The Hackney Society, it should be available from Pages of Hackney bookshop, Hackney Archives and Geffrye Museum. Their older publications are also worthwhile reading: ’20th Century Buildings in Hackney’ by Elizabeth Robinson and ‘Tower To Tower Block (The buildings of Hackney)’. If you want to learn about older buildings in Hackney that are no longer standing ‘Lost Hackney’ by Elizabeth Robinson is a good refernce.


  1. Also from the Hackney society websiteThe Buildings of England – London 4: Northby Bridget Cherry and Nikolaus Pevsner Strength in the Tower: An Illustrated History of Hackneyby David ManderOut of printA Second Lookby Ken WorpoleOut of print – (I have this it’s ace)”

  2. This is a nice website on Stoke Newington’s history: of old maps and things.

  3. @jamieb – it would be great to have that website over in the Hackney History group – can you add it there too?”

  4. I’ve been trying to get a copy of ‘Strength in the Tower’ if anyone knows where a copy is available can they let me know, secondhand is okay.

  5. Great Thanks.

  6. Buildings At Risk in Hackney Another older Hackney Society Book published in 1987 it highlights the Borough’s historic buildings falling into disrepair. Thankfully some have now been saved: Sutton House, Round Chapel, Stoke Newington Pumping Station etc. Some have been lost: Atlas Works, and some are still awaiting restoration: Abney Park Chapel. Worthwhile buying for £1 incl. P&P on Amazon if you are interested in Hackneys Historic Buildings. 44 pages B&W A4 size Softback

  7. Just got A Second look out from the library, another old Centerprise book from the 70’s; as you say @ewebber it’s ace! The photos could even be updated again that would make a great project for someone.

  8. @traxcitement It has been updated (with some help from Google);

  9. The Victorian Villas of Hackney by Michael Hunter ISBN 0 9506558 1 3 first published 1981 (reprinted 1984) 72 pages is another Hackney Society book. It traces the development of victorian terraced houses in Hackney during the time when the population of Hackney, Stoke Newington and Shoreditch skyrocketed. It looks at the houses’ details both inside and out and is Illustrated with plenty of good B&W photos. It is a useful resource for people living in this type of property or if you are just interested in the architecture or history of them.

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