Book clubs in Stokey

Per their Twitter The Tea Rooms on Stoke Newington Church Street are starting up a book club Thursday the 13th of October from 11 am until 12:30 pm. It’s free and according to their tweets you can just drop by. Does anyone else know of any other book groups in the area?”


  1. There’s one in hackney (I think their twitter is and one in Stoke Newington (which may or may not be the same one as that posted above) for which I think the link is: can’t check either link as work block social networking sites (though happily they’re blissfully unaware of yeah! hackney)While on the subject the Hackney book club are reviewing hackney that rose-red empire by Iain Sinclair and coincidentally I’m trying to ahem get rid of a copy of that book…”

  2. Ah, excellent. Many thanks, @goodlegs, for the links. I think I might pop into the Tea Rooms one, just to see what it’s about. I work in the evenings, so if the meeting time will be during the day, that might work out well for me. Hooray for work networks that are ignorant of the awesomeness of yeah! Hackney!

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