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Hello fellow history bods!I’m part of a new blogging project called Blue Plaque Hacks covering campaigns to save and restore historic buildings across London and have noticed in my short time covering the Hackney Downs area as a trainee journalist that there are a huge number of such campaigns going on in Hackney! The project is still in it’s early stages at the moment but we would love to hear from anyone who has stories to tell, information to give or who would even like to be interviewed about their campaigning work. Photos are also welcome and would all be fully accreditated if used although we don’t have a budget for payment I’m afraid!Our aim is for the blog to act not only as a place for people to come and find news about historic buildings at risk and the campaigns to save them but also as a forum for local people to discuss their views and contribute their own (and probably far superior) knowledge.We look forward to hearing from you soon!Laura, on behalf of the Blue Plaque Hacks teamRead it here:


  1. Oops sorry, copied in the wrong link! Here is the correct one:

  2. @lauramack there is a Flickr photography group dedicated to Hackney Conservation here… of the photographers will permit use of their photos if they are credited with them.”

  3. Hi Brian, thanks for the heads up – this looks like a great resource! Can I ask why you decided to set up the Flickr group – do you have a particular interest in conservation in Hackney?

  4. @lauramack it was set up by someone else, but I add a lot of my photographs into the group and help administer it as I am interested in Hackney’s buildings and their history.As well as the blue plaques Hackney also has a lot of brown plaques, details are on Hackney Council’s website here… Hackney Society are the organisation who work to preserve Hackneys heritage more about them here…

  5. This is all great, thanks so much for your help! And please feel free to suggest ideas for particular buildings/campaigns we could be covering 🙂

  6. @lauramack here are some campaigns you may wish to cover, many have been discussed on this website… Haggerston Pool ‘Haggerston Pool Campaign’Dalston Peace Mural ‘Campaign by OPEN Dalston and London Mural Preservation Society’New Landsdowne Club ‘Campaign and Petition by Hackney Society’Wenlock Arms Hoxton ‘Save the Wenlock’Clapton Tram Sheds ‘CAT Campaign’The George Pub Lower Clapton ‘Local Residents Petition’Dalston Lane ‘OPEN Dalston Campaign’ARP Centre Rossendale Street ‘Hackney Society Campaign’Pond House ‘Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group’The swan Pub ‘savetheswan’St Mary’s Lodge Lordship Road ‘St Mary’s Lodge Preservation Committee’Clapton Cinematograph ‘ FCCT Save Our Cinema’ Not sure of the status of these campaigns and I am sure there are some more, but this is all the ones I can think of. If anyone knows of any others perhaps they could add them.

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