Blooming great tea party still needs volunteers

we are holding one! we could use a volunteer or three still. thanks to those who already put their hand up – we LOVE you! someone with sales experience might be useful immediately. also needed: a light-handed scone maker, someone with vintage stuff to donate for the afternoon. someone or their mum to read tea leaves or palms!!! please be in touch. time is ticking!


  1. Hi @janice can you add some dates on this thread – cheers

  2. hi e! we’re trying to keep some dates secret – I KNOW – until the big announcement but it’s coming up soonish. i promise to anyone that does contact me that i’ll divulge more and swear them to secrecy! as for when we need volunteers – NOW please. even if you’re not available on the day, there’s so much to do ahead of time!

  3. I’d love to help out. I work full time (Coincidentally, making cups of tea) and my shifts are all over the place so I’m busy a lot of the time, but I’d really like to help if I can.

  4. Hi @nicki89, We’d love to have you. Could you please accept my friend request and then PM me so that I can get some info from you. I’ll fill you in and figure out between us what you could do for the event. Thanks!

  5. UPDATE – Please see this post in GENERAL – our date is July 30 and from 3-5. We need volunteers anywhere from noon to 6 on the day. We also need people who can help us source and romance some low cost or donated ingredients. Hands up please! The date is fast approaching.”

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