Blogging platforms

What blogging platform do you use, what is good or bad about it and why?


  1. I’ll start. I use tumblr and wordpress.Tumblr is great I have about 5 of them in total, it’s really easy to blog, hosted on their platform, some nice features and a networking side to it that you don’t see if you don’t have a tumblr – great for photoblogging.Bad things is that you need to get your hands into the code if you want much customisation or even commentsWordpress gives you everything you might need and has a great support community and some great plugins

  2. You have five Tumblr blogs? Whoa…I agree with what you said about Tumblr and WordPress. I use both of them as well–Tumblr mostly for images and WordPress mostly for writing.

  3. @quitepeculiar – I’ll even list them for you! Just realised I actually have – shop fronts in London my photo blog – where this thing started – with @alexpink – internet scrapbook – slightly neglected blog – shop fronts in Lombok, a one off special

  4. @ewebber I am humbled.I’m starting up a new Tumblr blog, but it won’t be thrown out into the wild probably for another week or so. It’ll be my netpet while Abandoned in London goes dormant.In other news, anyone ever try Movable Type? How’s that workin’ for you?

  5. I never hear good things about Movable Type – I think it lost in the war with WordPressI did try posterous at one point, but Tumblr has the creative network edge

  6. Hello, we use Blogger for ours:'s for our social enterprise called Mend which is about connecting people to place and helping local communities design and run their own projects in their local area.We have a couple of projects on the go, one is WildHackney which has a forum on here and is dedicated to saving local street art. The other is Psychotherapy for Places which is about understanding and analysing places as if they were people. Moving away from seeing cities and urban space as inert containers for stuff and towards seeing them as live and reactive, each with their own complexities, identities, networks, energies and flows. The comic book and graphic novel genres grew out of a recognition of this and they always depict urban space as more than a backdrop but actually as a character in itself.

  7. I use WordPress it’s a music mIx blog that i designed and developed myself.Wordpress is a great CMS which you can use for pretty much anything.

  8. @davo +1 on wordpress – and buddypress is super special

  9. I use blogger.My blog follows my crafting, mainly cards I make to order, for family and friends plus my effort to offer ready-made cards for sale on a site selling handmade goods.You can read all about my card making, knitting and more on http://www.divinechoicecreations.blogspot.comI also have a Tumblr blog for images and videos I like on that may also inspire me for my crafting.

  10. i have a livejournal but am only a sporadic user. flickr, twitter and facebook form most of my blogging in the way of photos with accompanying text. @ewebber is requesting a blog so i’m going to make 2011 the year of blogging properly!

  11. Ooops I just made a new tumblr – but you have to admit, it was worth it

  12. looks great @ewebber

  13. Tumblr, for all its ease in design, has really dropped the ball when it comes to their Tumblr queue. I’ve had queued posts disappear or get spewed onto the internet all at once. It’s very frustrating.There really isn’t a magic alternate Tumblr that actually is reliable, is there? ๐Ÿ™

  14. I like WordPress as the formats are clean and straightforward and it is easy to manage multiple blogs from the one account. I’m at

  15. tumblr all the way, it’s just so easy, wordpress i tried years ago and it seemed really clunky, everyone seems to rate it here so i might give it another look.

  16. @gcar – think it really depends on what you are doing – this site for instance can only be wordpress.Tumblr is great, but so full of fail at the moment ๐Ÿ™

  17. @ewebber I think WordPress for my needs: humorous pictures of cats and animated gifs, would be a bit overkill. I can’t believe this runs it, seriously it was rubbish when i last looked at it.Poor Tumblr It’s never up is it! It’s one of the fastest growing websites out there and i just can’t hack the pace.

  18. @gcar wordpress is super ace and buddypress (which is what makes it social) has come on leaps and bounds – but it doesn’t have that ease/scrapbook feel of tumblr

  19. @ewebber aces, i might take a look at them when i get some time. Tumblr is just so damn good but just keeping that rolling over with content is hard enough, especially if it’s original content, it’s like blogging on speed.

  20. I live in Lower Clapton and have just started a WordPress blog. Some of the themes are really good, but I decided to pay $30 and change the fonts to make it a little different. Can’t do CSS yet, but once I’ve learned, I will make it a little prettier around the edges. Anyway, I write about all kind of things, not necessarily about Hackney, but since it’s my home, it features:

  21. Another good CMS that is a bit more roboust than wordpress is

    it’s good to use if your site gets alot of traffic as the basic wordpress install tends to hog the cpu of your server.

  22. Hello Hackney blogging community!
    I’m a Tumblr fan, I like to ‘like’ and also follow people, as you would on Twitter.
    My blog is about local art, London, tiles, patterns, mosaics….
    People have started sending me links and photos for my blog which is really ace. If you spot anything fab along your travels feel free to tweet it to me @victoriadove.
    Toodle pip x

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