Bird Cafe on Bradbury Street

I’m not sure if we’ve spoken about it here before, but has anyone tried out the Bird Cafe on Bradbury Street (Dalston) for coffee
Photo by Everydaylifestyle


  1. I posted on it somewhere (obviously in the wrong place). I thought it good but expensive.

  2. Ah cool, I thought I’d seen it somewhere.

  3. I have – they use good beans (Monmouth? can’t remember) – but need better baristas…

  4. I went in here last week. The staff were ever so friendly and not the usual too cool for school wank. Coffee was good also – I forget which beans they use.

  5. Just been there tomorrow for first time. They use Climpsons coffee. I had a quite good latte.

  6. I’ve been there a couple of times: always very friendly, and great cake!

  7. I went hoping it could be my new local hangout as I live only a minute away, but was horribly disappointed. Dont waste your time and money. Bad coffee. Slow. We waited 20 minutes in this small, rather dead cafe. The owner was rude, aggressive, hung-over and yelled at us when we wanted to leave because we were hungry. He actually managed to burn my croissant and then after I reminded him, served me a cup of cold, suspiciously discolored coffee with no milk froth. He obviously has no pride in the place as he served me a sub-standard product that I never would have served myself as an experienced barista. He also upset and made uncomfortable the few other customers in the cafe by creating inexcusable unnecessary drama. Two thumbs down for this ridiculous owner and his exceedingly bad business sense. He just lost two potentially loyal local customers. Needless to add, we will not return!!

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