Bike for sale

I have a medium sized ladies bike for sale (I am 5’7). It is about 4 years old, in good condition (serviced last year) and I will include a detachable basket (in perfect condition) which cost £30. The bike is a sit up and beg type with 18 gears. I have used it to cycle around Hackney and to work (5 miles) and am selling it as I am upgrading to something a little sportier. Price – £80. Please PM me if interested and I can send pictures.


  1. Hi im would be interested to see pictures of the bike for sale , can’t find how to pm you from here

    Thanks michelle

  2. @michelle you will need to be friends first, click on @morriap ‘s profile and add her, when she accepts, you’ll see the option to email her from her profile

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