Big Lottery Funding is coming to Hackney Wick!

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Perhaps you’ve heard – Hackney Wick is one of the lucky areas in the UK to receive Lottery funding for local regeneration. Over 10 years the Trust will distribute the money with the aim:

“To enable people to make their communities better places to live in now and in the future”

The lovely people of T he Hackney Wick Festival have put themselves forward to manage this initiative and are embarking on a ward-wide programme of consultation. The key focus is to ensure residents service providers voluntary groups and social entrepreneurs alike are given the opportunity to contribute to forming the future of our treasured neighbourhood.

So long story short Stour Space has been asked to help collate ideas feedback and share information about the Art & Culture of our community and surrounding neighbourhood.

Most specifically we want to know about what YOU think needs to be improved what already exists that YOU think is vital to the community and what YOU would like to spend some cash on!What’s on your mind?…

Whilst we are in the early stages of development it would be great if you could get back to us about the most pressing issues that you think we should be focusing on.

Considering Hackney Wick boasts the highest concentration of artists in the world we are assuming there is a lot to be said about the local art sector what its good at what it needs and what it can do to boost the local community.CONTACT US!

Get in touch and pass this on to as many people as you can in Hackney Wick!

Bombard us with questions raise some issues lets get the ball rolling and make sure that artists and the unique art sector in Hackney Wick can be successfully represented and given the support and opprtunity it deserves

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