Betting Shops in Hackney

Hi there. I’m doing a study on betting shops in London and would like to get local’s perceptions of them in Hackney It’s quite a big issue at the moment, with a lot of people saying there’s too many betting shops on their high-streets. Would really appreciate your input. You can also state what kind of outlets you’d like to see in your locality (or if you think your street has it all, what outlets do you like the most) The questionnaire only takes 2-3 minutes to do. All anonymous of course! Thanks!


  1. I always thought it was virtually impossible for a council to legally stop a betting shop from opening, but does this ruling in favour of Waltham Forest council set a new legal precedent?

  2. Newham tried this earlier in the year and Paddy Power got it overturned in court, so dont expect that to be the end of the story. The council can make pubs assets of community value like it did with the Chesham but you cant do that for all shops.

  3. Would be really interested to see the results of your study, GilesS – am a journalism student looking to write a feature on this.

  4. @GilesS The locals are in the betting shops, not on \yeah!hackney” so you might get a one-sided view from this audience. Much as I deplore the gambling industry’s predations on the less well-off there aren’t many places left for them to go.”

  5. There’s some interesting stuff by a guardian journo that you should look up about how drug dealers are using fixed odds machines to ‘clean’ money and deposit it safely in their bank accounts. In fact, here you go:

  6. I just noticed this early day motion: \….local authorities should be empowered to decide whether or not to give approval to existing and additional gambling venues in their community; and calls on the Government to place betting shops in a new separate planning use class allowing local authority planning committees to control them and to amend the Gambling Act to allow council licensing committees to take into account the cumulative impact of a proliferation of gambling activities when considering applications”

  7. that’s good news, this will at least help stop too many more opening

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