BETTER Plc Health Suites at Public Leisure Centers

This survey wish to collate as much information as possible from Local people in Hackney about necessity for improvement of Public Health Suites where dedicated separate areas for the sexes should be the norm. Together with many, myself included dislike the shared Sauna and Steam rooms as well as the shared Changing rooms in public leisure centers. Changing rooms can get quite raucous, where mothers with children, adults and adolescents share same space. Furthermore, holistic view of a Health Suite as a sacred place, Where traditionally, Sauna in Finland and Scandinavia are and have been sacred separate places when in public facilities provide precedent and argument against the issue a BETTER Plc, representative raised. Which is that, families or couples ‘wanting’ to use facilities together. It’s a place for reflective, Mindful enjoyment of the warmth and cleansing properties the Sauna or Steam room gives. It is the initiator of this survey’s view that dedicated separate areas for women, and men would allow these important public places to become open to many more of the borough’s residents, who at present time might avoid using the facilities. Please take the survey! We can have better facilities for all! Many Thanks for your time.