Best Thai in Hackney

Thai Cafe
Photo From London Shop Fronts

@alexpink and I finally went to Thai Cafe on Northwold Rd last night and it was ace so I’d put it up there as one of the best in Hackney does anyone else have any favourites?”


  1. I’d second Thai Cafe. About 2/3 of the price of YumYum around the corner and none of the nonsense attached with it. Itto is a little takeaway near there that’d good if you want to eat at home.

    Hackney’s more of a Vietnamese area – I’d be interested to hear of any other Thai places worth visiting.

  2. I’m not a fan on yum yum after a few disappointing meals there

    ITTO isn’t great for veggies and Thai Cafe do takeaway too 🙂

  3. I’m a veggie, and have had some really nice meals in Yum Yum. Admittedly I’ve only gone there when I’ve been able to take advantage of their ‘50% off food’ Top Table deal which appears to be on all year round. Makes you think though when places have offers on constantly ie, that perhaps it’s just really overpriced to begin with! Will give Thai Cafe a go after the recommendations.

  4. I know I should open a new thread for this but what I’d really like is knowledge on the best curry goat in Hackney. Not one for veggies though!

  5. There’s a brand new Thai place just opened opposite YumYum and nextdoor to Itto. I didn’t catch the name, but it can’t be more than a month old. Has anyone been? There’s a mini Thai quarter in N16 now!

  6. The best thai used to be Lemongrass, that was based on Church Street. Sadly it closed down mid-last year and now their phone number forwards to YumYums.

    I really detest YumYum because of this. \Oooooooh look at us we’ve been on Masterchef and now everyone must come to us”. I detest them more than I detest the Tesco in Clapton Pond.

    As you can tell I’m not bitter about it at all.”

  7. @sebbywood I used to go to Lemon Grass – but I’d say Thai cafe is better!

  8. You’d be wrong. They had one dish that was just magical. I’d forward people onto Lemongrass for this one dish and they’d fall in love.


  9. @sebbywood ostrich? I remember they sold it (not that I ever ate it)

  10. I can’t find an old menu, I must have thrown it away, I was a lamb dish, spicy, came with a dark paste… Number 32 on the menu. Absolutely gorgeous.

  11. steady peeps! why don’t we do a Thai restaurant crawl and take a vote on it? (not all on the same night, mind!)

  12. I love Thai, so count me in.

  13. So if I said next Thurs (16th June) at the Thai cafe at 7:30 who would be up for it – let me know and I’ll book

  14. moi! @cthorbert: fancy coming along?

  15. Sounds ace.

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