Where is the Best Sunday Roast in Hackney?

Where is the Best Sunday Roast in Hackney?

This question came from JohnBr0 on twitter today:


I thought I’d share the responses:

@LondOntheInside : Prince Arthur Scolt Head Old Ship

kerryjeanlister : Daniel Defoe – Stokey

@yeahHackney : The Kenton

@alextea : Prince Arthur

elDamo : Jolly Butchers Stoke

Newingtonshinypouch : The Marksman on Hackney Rd is the best I’ve tried for a Sunday Roast.

@MartinMcCallion : The Old Ship next to the Empire.

Anyone have any others to add?


  1. Its already been recommended but I’d have to put it forward again The Kenton does a blinding roast at a decent price and big portions. Get there early though to avoid disappointment and to get a seat as the word is out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Will have to try out The Kenton and The Marksman.

  3. The Londonist has posted a few Hackney locations in their best London roads list

    Bacchus Pub & Kitchen http://bacchuspubandkitchen.com/
    The Jolly Butchers http://www.jollybutchers.co.uk/index.php/food/sunday-roast
    Marksman http://www.marksmanpub.com/
    The Princess of Shoreditch http://www.theprincessofshoreditch.com/

  4. @robbieds I’m expecting you to have some good ones to add to this.

  5. Clapton Hart! Good for meat-ers and veggies, only problem is it usually sells out by 3pm…

  6. @franny thanks for the add, I have heard they sell out quickly.

    The Dead Dolls club in Hoxton square have a Sunday roast focussed on a different meat every week. http://www.thedollshouse.org/Dolls_House/sunday_roast.html

  7. @ewebber I don’t actually have many recs! On Sundays I usually grab street food from Chatsworth Road and cook something low and slow myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. The Plough looks like it has a good Sunday menu http://hackneyplough.co.uk/menus/sunday.jpg (PDF), with a good looking veggie option

  9. Adding the Fox http://thefoxe8.com to the list (check out the photo at the top of the post by @quitepeculiar )

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