Neden Urfa, Best lahmacun in Hackney?

I can never understand why lahmacun, the cheaper-than-chips fastish Turkish hot sandwich – so much nicer than a doner and delivering freshly roasted flat bread topped with tomatoey mince and wrapped around zingy salad for less than £2- isn’t more celebrated in ‘new’ Hackney, since there are so many places to get it. Quality does vary, but for my money the neglected Neden Urfa next to Granny’s caribbean takeaway in Clapton is the best in Hackney, probably London, and possibly all Europe. They’re lovely people too, and could really use some more trade: but if there’s somewhere better I want to know… Can’t get my head around image upload but there’s a picture in my tweet here:


  1. @irvine I have added the image for youNeden Urfa

  2. That is true. I have converted a lot of people to Urfa, they visit me (I live down the road) and within half an hour exclaim: \let’s go to Neden Urfa!”.Their meat is excellent and they do great lahmacuns (with a decent salad) but the overall winner for me is their vegetarian pide: it takes about 20min to prepare but it’s well worth it.”

  3. I bloody love this place! Despite its less than inviting appearance and no price list ( lamacuns are £1.50 – Kebabs £5.00 – That’s it ) this place is a little gem. The owners and their two sons are always friendly and chatty and the quality in unrivalled in clapton. Get yourselves in there, you can’t beat it.

  4. I’ve heard good things from others about this place too, I will be heading along for a taster very soon.

  5. thanks for adding pic @ewebber

  6. Had a take away from here last night. Really really delicious. Cannot recommend this place highly enough!

  7. At the risk of being an awful lamahcun bore, I’ve just indulged my passion for its flatbreaded joys again at Neden Urfa. It was as delicious as ever, patiently  prepared and baked completely fresh for £1.50, and the staff still startlingly gracious. In fact it tasted even better than usual, with the memory of an overpriced, less than fresh version at Cirrik near Hackney Central stale in the memory (It’s a weird law of the lahmacun universe that the more – relatively – expensive it is, the lower the quality). I apologise if I’m banging the drum too insistently for Neden Urfa, but as well as being consistently excellent food it’s also consistently very empty of customers – and much as I don’t like to see them losing money making such great food (I slightly wonder how they manage to stay open), I also want to stress that if you live in Clapton and you don’t use this place, you’re also losing out – on some serious taste sensations.

  8. I need to check this place out. I tend to go to Mangal Pide on Stoke Newington Road for their wood fired Lahmacun and Pide. They’re so light and tasty.

  9. I haven’t had the lahmacun but their adana wraps are delicious. So glad to have it closeby, and they are always really friendly. I haven’t been to Mangal since I moved to Clapton!

  10. went last week and forgot the name + then realised it was called  lahmacun after trying to describe what i wanted. Agree its yummy and cheapi have to say i did find the owner not v chatty. went back yesterday and friend had the pide which was lovely..again owners not that chatty..but thats fine as its about the food. i hope more more people pop by to try pide and lahmacun

  11. And, perhaps inevitably, it’s gone. I guess it wasn’t well enough presented, but the food was lovely, embarrassingly good vale, and a real loss

  12. Damn, I was reading that salivating and was just about to get my jacket on and go on an expedition before I read the last post. So, whats the second best place to get good lahmacun in Clapton?

  13. A real loss indeed 🙁 I was always the only customer in there whenever I went in, no matter how many times I sung its praises to people. I’ve noticed a bit of apprehension among ‘newer’ residents about ‘older’ food establishments (I’m using these terms loosely and euphemistically), needing a bit more reassurance to venture in. I’m not sure what the solution is, but if shop rents go up, longer term businesses will need to do more to bring in newer residents if they want to survive.

  14. @ClaptonPieman – with Dunya being refurbed, your only option is the Turkish/Chippy on Chatsworth Road. It’s pretty good, but not same level as Neden Urfa was.

  15. @robbieds @claptonpieman Dunya (now Dom’s Place) will be re-opening this Monday 14th.

  16. Does anybody know if nedem urfa have relocated to southwold road, just seen the old chippy at the top by the crooked billet now showing their sign?

  17. I did see it had shut, but would be great if it’s just moved

  18. Just went past, it is indeed called Neden Urfa and its the same garish colours as well. To be honest I never had anything out of the old place but at the very least it’ll be better than ‘Cyprus’, which was rank. They might even have the space for a couple of tables if they use the space well. Upper Clapton wins again! take that, Lower Clapton..:)

  19. Does this mean there is still a place I can get my lamachuns and even closer to home (I’m in Upper Clapton)? I’d better investigate. I’m all for us having some nice eateries/cafes/delis but please not at the cost of losing our local fayre. It’s too much like ethnic/economic cleansing and Hackney will be another overpriced pretentious London borough with no personality of it’s own and just a bunch of boring rich kids hanging around. Take the rough with the smooth dammit!

  20. Reopening on southwold road, next to clapton station. 7 min walk from my flat to lahmacun = plethora of unoriginal, tasty and cheap dinners.

  21. Is Neden Urfa reopening? That is an occasion for joy.

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