Best fish pie accompaniments???

I am having a dinner party next tuesday, and I am doing an amazing fish pie. The pie mix already has leeks and mushrooms in it. Because I am not doing a starter I want a couple of really good sides that are going to complement a fish pie. I am serving the food ‘family style’ so everyone will be diving into the big dishes and helping themselves on the table to the sides (i’ll dish up the pie).What sides shall I do – I need some inspiration!


  1. Got to be mash, surely?! And if you’re serving it family style you can bake your mash for a bit in a big lasagne dish to give it a crust; either as is or with cheese and/or breadcrumbs on top. Amazing.

  2. I would always recommend buttery leafy greens or peas. And possibly slow roasted tomatoes. They both give a nice contrast of colours.

  3. Wait, I’ve just realised you almost certainly mean the kind of fish pie that’s made in a lasagne dish with mash on top. Move along, nothing to see here.

  4. Peas please Louise.

  5. to confirm it is a potato topped fish pie! Do you think I should just do the peas or greens straight up or should I be doing something more fancy???

  6. Straight up, you don’t want to detract from the pie. Although, if you did peas you could toss them in butter and herbs (perhaps mint or basil) and maybe some spring onion? And the leafy greens you could toss with garlic and butter. Yum. Thinking about fish pie is making me hungry for fish pie.

  7. Purple sprouting broccoli – in season, and yummy on its own. Or you could make a dressing by frying a little garlic in olive oil, add some chili flakes, and stir in a few (tinned) anchovies til they dissolve.

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