Best coffee shops in London!

Do you find this app useful for the tourist who is looking for good coffee places in London?”


  1. I haven’t used the app, being an android boy, but these guys publish their map and list for free and their listings are good. Plus they’re nice peeps.

  2. @olga nice app, but it’s missing a few essential Hackney places, are you crowd sourcing the data for it?

  3. I have loved the app. It is neat and contains all the information needed.@ewebber, you can contact App Support, I`m sure they should evaluate the input.

  4. @lerman I’m assuming either you and/or @olga work for them, if so, you’ll see all the coffee talk on the coffee lovers group (which is where this post should really live!)

  5. @ewebber, I have shared an assumption since it seems to be a logical step for you.

  6. Not me! Maybe @olga then

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