Best Brunch in and around Hackney

What are your favourite places to Brunch around Hackney?I’ll start with where the group photo came from and say The Hackney Pearl is pretty ace


  1. Mess is goooood

  2. I do like Springfield park cafe for the walk along the canal and the breakfast when you get there

  3. had the best jerk chicken today from a stall on Dunston Rd, just off Kingsland Rd. Was hungry and passing by, just what I needed. Don’t know if they always there but if you see ’em, you gotta get sum

  4. just had lunch + bloody mary at the new place on Kingsland rd. Well cooked, good service and free wifi –

  5. I really want to try that place out

  6. looks lovely but not much on the veggie front unfortunately 🙁

  7. Bistrotheque for me, best brunch in London in my opinion, very helpful especially now we have little one. Would like to try Kuxi’s recommendation though.

  8. @3djamie agreed Bistrotheque is really ace, although not quite in Hackney – Have you tried the Pearl, I reckon good with a little’un

  9. not Hackney? Blimey I need to gen up.

  10. Once you’ve crossed the canal you’re in Tower Hamlets

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