Bee Keeping in Hackney

Bee Keeping
There is a new post worth checking out on East London Local called Become a London beekeeper… which talks about some local hives and places to get local honey particularly relevant for any hay fever sufferers and great to see Hackney doing it’s part in increasing the bee population.Also check out: Space studios’ Hives Premises Studio’s hivesand Hackney City Farm’s bee keeping courses


  1. The Haggerston Honey from Hackney City Farm is amazing. The Castle Climbing Centre also has hives.”

  2. At City Farm new 6 week course starting 19th of april.Also check us out

  3. … Also I believe the Robin Hood Community Gardens are getting some”

  4. There is a documentary called the queen of the sun and i’m trying to get peopple interested in the film so we can buy the screening together. please have a look at the link if you are interested i’ll try to persuade the space in hackney to help with that.Best,

  5. It might be worth talking to @goldengus and the guys at Hackney City Farm about hosing it and drumming up support

  6. Also there are screenings after The People’s Kitchen each Sunday and once a month at  Transition Town Hackney both at Passing Clouds. Either could be interested. There’s a TTH screening of Dirt! tomorrow evening. “

  7. Thanks ewebber and jamieb, i went to the passing clouds yesterday and got in touch wu=ith a couple of people that might help with the screening.I’ll keep you updated.

  8. @ewebber : how can i send a message to @goldengus ?”

  9. @coyote you need to befriend him here first before you can send private messages – or contact Hackney City Farm

  10. Hello Coyote!We do have a space suited for smaller screenings. I’m on @ewebber !”

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