Beavertown Brewery moving to Hackney Wick

Beavertown Brewery are going to be relocating from the basement of Duke’s Brew & Que on Downham Road to larger spaces in Hackney Wick, according to their blog. Not sure if this space in Hackney Wick will actually be in our beloved borough but the move will allow them to brew more of their beer and also some experimental brews with the list of what they are planning on their blog here: • Whiskey barrel aged Imperial Stout• Berliner Weisse• The Big IPA• Indian pale ale (tamarind coriander etc)• Black country black ale• Small beer• Damson/cherry/raspberry sour• Steam beer• Gose• Red/white wine barrel aged sour• Imperial brown ale (probably barrel aged for a laugh!)• Citrus pale (zest of orange grapefruit lime lemon)• Bretty Betty Black IPA• Ancient Egyptian ale (honey dates wheat chamomile)• Saisons Quite excited about the Whiskey barrel aged Imperial Stout which I think they’ve already got in some barrels…”

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  1. I just saw that tweet from them too, cool! I look forward to trying all the new beers 🙂

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