Bastion + Miss Neeks and the Masquerades: at Hackney Attic – Wedesday 14th December 8pm

BASTION are a rather delicious 5 piece synth-pop band with tasty and tasteful elements of Afro, Caribbean, Rock Jazz and Electronica…Not your average pop band. Tastes like mango, stings like nettles, smells like mary-jane, feels like heaven, sounds like Afro-tek… NEEKS and her MASQUERADES are an energetic jaw dropping rock/tribal/soulful 3 piece demonstrating unique whirring guitar riffs and sensual melodies accompanied by a dark sultry rhythm section. \Howling vocals… Defiant Rock ‘n’ Roll-infused Blues that wallops you in the gut.” – The Arbuturian.£4 / £3 Concs £2 Members”